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TMJ Devices

TMJ Devices

We use a variety of intraoral devices to treat TMJ and, occasionally, to reposition the jaw on a temporary basis. Most of these appliances are held in place by gently but snugly sitting on your teeth.

  • Splints are U-shaped pieces of plastic that fit over the teeth in your upper or lower jaw. Their main purpose is to keep your jaw from closing completely, thereby relaxing fatigued chewing muscles, discouraging you from clenching or grinding your teeth and reducing pressure on your jaw joint.
  • Flat plane splints, also known as “stabilization appliances” or “permissive appliances,” work by freeing up the jaws to deprogram them, take pressure off the jaw joint, and relax the jaw muscles.
  • Repositioning appliances or “directive appliances” direct your jaw into a predetermined position. In our office, we use these appliances only for patients with certain kinds of TMJ, and generally on a short-term basis only.

All appliances are available in a variety of designs that cover all or some of your teeth, and can be made on the upper or lower teeth as well as in various thicknesses. We will select the appliance that’s best suited to your specific diagnosis and your existing dentition.