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Dental Partners of 5th Avenue Shine Event 5-9-2013

(from left to right) Spencer Hoffman, Sarah Millet, Dr. Kaplan, Dr. Gross, Christel Ibsen, Bob Loverd

A Note About The Doctors…

On May 9, 2013, Dr. Mark Gross and Dr. Andrew Kaplan began showcasing original artwork by Christel Ibsen and photographs by Sarah Millet at the premier of SHINE, which benefits children in need of dental care worldwide. A percentage of the art and photos purchased have been, and will continue to be donated to Operation Smile and Dental Volunteers for Israel (DVI) through November 6, 2013.

Dr. Mark Gross and Dr. Andrew Kaplan both graduated dental school in 1980, and have been partners for over thirty years. They began their partnership by coordinating the Mount Sinai Hospital’s Dental Department, and then joined together in private practice. They believe that dentistry is not just a science, but an art, and together with their laboratory ceramist, Danny, attempt to achieve not only the optimum health of each patient, but the aesthetic beauty of their smile. Their love of art has inspired them to blanket their office walls with original art and sculpture.

Their love of dentistry and art has motivated them to begin a series of art exhibits to help those who are less fortunate. Three artists have been chosen to exhibit their artwork in their office over the next year. They have graciously agreed that a portion of the cost of the art will be donated directly to charity. Is there anything more beautiful, inspirational and mystical than a child’s smile? That smile will boost the mood of everyone in their vicinity. Dr. Gross and Dr. Kaplan therefore, decided to begin a very special series called SHINE featuring original artwork by Christel Ibsen and Sarah Millet. Just looking at Christel’s artwork of children at play and Sarah’s unique photographs makes them smile.

However, there are millions of children that have never smiled, laughed, or for that matter eaten a meal without being in pain. It is those children the Dental Partners of 5th Avenue seek to help. They have chosen two charities dedicated to help children smile again. Operation Smile assists those with cleft lips and palates, while Dental Volunteers of Israel treats impoverished children regardless of religion or nationality. Dr. Gross and Dr. Kaplan invite everyone to stop by the office, and be inspired to help these children.

Supporting these two institutions will not only help thousands of children to smile, it will keep Dr. Gross, Dr. Kaplan and anyone who steps inside the Dental Partners of 5th Avenue office smiling for a long time.