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While only about 3% of patients develop a dry socket after having their wisdom teeth removed, it’s still an uncomfortable and painful issue that’s worth avoiding. Here are the causes, risks, and treatments for wisdom teeth dry sockets.  Wisdom Teeth Dry Socket The “socket” is the hole in the bone left after a tooth is […]

Did you know chronic mouth breathing can cause gum disease and worsen symptoms of preexisting illnesses? You may breathe through your mouth without thinking twice about it, but this habit comes with its own complications. Here’s how to stop mouth breathing at night.  Causes and Symptoms of Mouth Breathing There are many health conditions that […]

An infection after a tooth extraction is pretty common. Why? Because our mouths are home to countless tiny bacteria that are alive and well before and after our procedure. If you’re scheduled to have a tooth pulled, make sure you practice the proper aftercare to avoid an infection.  Why do you need a tooth extraction? […]

No one likes bad breath. Unfortunately, some of us are prone to it. If you struggle with halitosis or bad breath, there’s still hope! Here’s how to get rid of bad breath using hygienic habits, tools, and food. How to Get Rid of Bad Breath Of course, the best thing you can do to get […]

Even though it seems we’ve brushed our teeth a thousand times, it can be hard to thoroughly clean each part of our mouths. Here’s how to properly brush your teeth and tips to keep your smile healthy, white and clean.  Common Mistakes Although we brush our teeth every day, we all make mistakes. Here are […]

Although it’s easy for tartar to form, it’s extremely hard to remove on your own. Nowadays, most Americans suffer from periodontal disease caused by hardened plaque and tartar. Stay healthy, safe and clean and remove tartar before it becomes a more serious issue for you down the line.  What Is Tartar? It’s no secret our […]

Even though we regularly brush and take care of our teeth, our gums may become irritated and inflamed. While there are ways to treat gum inflammation, the most important preventative step is to always take care of your teeth every night and every morning. With that said, here’s how to treat swollen gums. Common Causes […]

You’re eating and suddenly you either feel or notice later a piece of food stuck in your gums. This is often a common occurrence, especially with meat, popcorn, chips, and fruit. Normally, this does not need to be a cause for concern because you can easily rinse the lodged particles away with water or mouthwash. […]

With the holiday season in full swing, different parties, events, and other photo opportunities will make you want your smile to glow as bright as the glittering lights everywhere. However, this time of year can also be difficult to maintain oral health and a white smile. Because of this, here are our top tips to […]

Are you trying to figure out how to soothe a teething baby at night? Look no further, we got you covered. Teething is such a painful process that can keep both the parents and the baby up at night. Drooling, tears and frustration are just some of the tell-tale signs that your baby is teething. […]

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