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Even though we regularly brush and take care of our teeth, our gums may become irritated and inflamed. While there are ways to treat gum inflammation, the most important preventative step is to always take care of your teeth every night and every morning. With that said, here’s how to treat swollen gums. Common Causes […]

Everyone wishes their teeth were just a little bit whiter, but few realize a baking soda teeth whitening rinse does the trick. Here’s all you need to know about at-home baking soda teeth whitening so you can achieve a crisp, white smile.  Before we talk about the risks and benefits of baking soda teeth whitening, […]

Although we don’t normally associate acupressure with toothaches, it’s a great remedy to alleviate oral pain and stimulate blood flow. Acupressure provides quick relief to ongoing discomfort and pain if done correctly. Here’s how you can use acupressure for toothaches and pain.  What Is Acupressure? Acupressure is a natural pain-relieving remedy that’s been used for […]

Did your dentist say you need a crown? Porcelain crowns are great for restoring teeth and fixing the overall appearance of decaying, breaking teeth. Here’s all you need to know about the advantages, uses, crowning procedure, and after-care for porcelain crowns.  What Is A Porcelain Crown? A porcelain crown is a cap placed over the […]

Not only does a good mouthwash freshen your breath, but it can also prevent plaque build-up and remove harsh bacteria from your mouth. Knowing which mouthwash is right for you can be tough, as different washes benefit your oral health in different ways. Here are the best mouthwashes for gingivitis, natural care, whitening, fluoride, bad […]

70% of Americans brush their teeth two times a day, but only 40% floss once a day. It’s easy to forget about flossing until our 6-month dental check-up, but poor flossing habits can bring on some serious dental issues. How much should we be flossing each day in order to keep our teeth and gums […]

Veneers have become a widely popular solution to achieving an enhanced smile, but are veneers worth it? While veneers may give you the smile of your dreams, they also cost a pretty penny. It’s important to understand what you’re signing up for before you fully commit to the procedure. What Are Veneers? Veneers can change […]

World Environment Day is the biggest event for positive environmental action that takes place every year. Although this year’s theme focuses on air pollution, we can all chip in, change our lifestyles, and do our part for the betterment of the planet. Many fail to realize our daily routines include a lot of waste, even […]

Although gum infection can lead to some serious side effects down the road, there are a number of home remedies to treat and prevent gum infection and gingivitis. What Causes a Gum Infection? Poor oral hygiene along with plaque, tartar, and bacteria are the most common causes of a gum infection. However, other health concerns […]

TMJ leaves as many as 3 million Americans in pain every year. Lockjaw, tenderness, and tightness in the jaw and facial muscles are all uncomfortable symptoms of TMJ. Luckily, there are TMJ home treatments to help alleviate the side effects and general pain. The Cause of TMJ It’s hard to pinpoint the cause of TMJ […]

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