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If you’re a dental hygienist or in the process of becoming one, you’re going to find these dental hygienist memes extremely funny and probably, painfully true. If you’re not so familiar with the dental hygienist role and what one actually does, do keep reading as we’re shedding more light on this profession in the following paragraphs. […]

Do you feel like you’re stuck in the rut and your mood has suddenly plummeted to an all-time low? Like everything in life, there’s a cure that will turn that frown upside-down. And is there a better way do to so than presenting you the following photos that will suddenly boost your mood? So without further […]

The dating scene has definitely changed in the past couple of years. Today it’s all about dating apps and getting that right swipe and possibly meeting the love of your life. Unfortunately, your personality does not shine through as much as the right picture. So what are the right swipe worthy pics? Believe it or […]

You might’ve noticed that your child’s favorite daily activity has nothing to do with oral hygiene. It is very hard to convince your child to brush regularly because it’s just another chore. Therefore we felt the need to write this particular oral hygiene instructions for child blog post. There is a way to trick your child […]

Spring is just around the corner and we couldn’t be more relieved. Although with spring come the allergies, there is still no way we would want to go back to the days of cold & gray New York winter. Therefore, to celebrate this wonderful transition into the springtime, we have compiled things about spring that will […]

Millennials and dental care is an ongoing debate. Millennials seem to get blamed for everything. Whether it being that they’re ruining the napkin industry, soap bars or dating, millennials are always the ones that the fingers are pointed at. But what about their oral health? Unfortunately, the story is very similar to the napkins, soap […]

While packing for the exciting vacation you’ve planned months in advance it’s easy to get carried away and forget all about your dental health. Clothes, shoes, accessories, beauty products, phone, camera, headphones…? Check! How about your toothbrush? Oh! And the dental appointment you should’ve scheduled before leaving? “Oops!” moment like this happens to everyone. That’s why […]

We know it’s sometimes difficult to smile, especially if it’s a Monday morning. But you might be surprised how easy it would be to hit it off with someone by just using the hidden power of smiling. The Valentine’s Day season is upon us. You see cute teddy bears with heart eyes everywhere, boxes of chocolates […]

Nail biting is a form of stress-relief for a lot of children and adults. However, this habit is everything but healthy. While nail biting might relieve the stress, it definitely wreaks havoc on your nails, teeth and overall dental health. Interesting fact about nail biting habit is that many people with this problem might not […]

Happy New Year! Have you made your New Year’s resolutions? Sometimes we set expectations that are too high and hard to keep, but we are offering some very reasonable suggestions. Have you thought about some resolutions when it comes to your teeth and oral health? If not, then 2018 might be the year to do […]

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