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We’ve all learned the importance of washing our hands, covering our mouths when we sneeze and social distancing for the last few weeks. However, we can’t forget or neglect to keep our homes and bodies clean. Here’s how to keep good hygiene and ensure a safe living space during the COVID-19 outbreak.  How to Keep […]

Millions of people every year suffer from jaw popping and clicking. Unfortunately, there isn’t a specific “cure-all” answer to this join dysfunction. However, there are ways you can release jaw tensions and fight off the pain so you don’t have to live in constant discomfort. Check them out below! Causes of Jaw Popping and Clicking […]

Beyond affecting your appearance, biting your nails can make you sick and eventually cause infections. With that said, we all know ditching a bad habit is a lot harder than it looks, and we’d like to help you out. Here’s how to stop nail biting and the effects it has on your health.  Hygienic Risks […]

Canker sores are small, round ulcers found inside the mouth. Unfortunately, canker sores are pretty painful and can make eating uncomfortable. You can avoid this nasty oral wound by learning what causes canker sores and the steps you can take to prevent them. Types of Canker Sores Canker sores are usually found on the inside […]

It’s February, which means we are in the heart of the cold and flu season. What will you do to keep your mouth safe this season? Here are some oral health care tips from when you’re feeling a little blue.  Cold and Flu Season: Oral Health Tips   Clean After Vomiting The first thing you’ll […]

You’re getting ready for a big date when you look in the mirror and realize the horror: Your entire mouth showcases your affinity for coffee, sugar, and dental neglect. You go to reach for your teeth whitening pen and begin to wonder…Do teeth whitening pens really work? Whitening Pens In the last few years, whitening […]

Scared of the dentist? You’re definitely not alone. Almost 75% of adults in the US experience some sort of fear when visiting the dentist, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here’s what you can do to help your dental anxiety. Signs and Symptoms Those scared of the dentist usually show visible signs of […]

While only about 3% of patients develop a dry socket after having their wisdom teeth removed, it’s still an uncomfortable and painful issue that’s worth avoiding. Here are the causes, risks, and treatments for wisdom teeth dry sockets.  Wisdom Teeth Dry Socket The “socket” is the hole in the bone left after a tooth is […]

Did you know chronic mouth breathing can cause gum disease and worsen symptoms of preexisting illnesses? You may breathe through your mouth without thinking twice about it, but this habit comes with its own complications. Here’s how to stop mouth breathing at night.  Causes and Symptoms of Mouth Breathing There are many health conditions that […]

Some of us practice bad oral hygiene and we don’t even know it. Some of us practice bad hygiene habits but don’t care to change (you know who you are). Here are the oral hygiene habits to avoid and a few you should embrace! Bad Oral Hygiene Neglecting your oral health and developing bad hygiene […]

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