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TMJ leaves as many as 3 million Americans in pain every year. Lockjaw, tenderness, and tightness in the jaw and facial muscles are all uncomfortable symptoms of TMJ. Luckily, there are TMJ home treatments to help alleviate the side effects and general pain. The Cause of TMJ It’s hard to pinpoint the cause of TMJ […]

Sleep apnea is a potentially serious sleep disorder that disrupts breathing during sleep. Since sleep apnea is a fairly common condition, there are a few different types of treatment options available to reduce obstruction during sleep. A sleep apnea oral device or application is one of the most common treatments, though sleep apnea treatment depends […]

Getting a cavity is not fun. Luckily, they do take a bit of time to form, which gives you the opportunity to halt tooth decay in its tracks at an early stage. That being said, how much time does it actually take for a cavity to form? Additionally, how can you stop cavities from forming? […]

Are you looking to make a homemade toothpaste without baking soda? This toothpaste recipe is super easy and involves only three ingredients. As we know that some of you folks out there like to do things their own way, we made sure to get you covered as well. While we tend to encourage the use […]

There are few experiences worse than tooth pain. The aching and throbbing in your mouth can lead to headaches and even nausea or joint pain. That being said, the root cause of your toothache may not be in your teeth. Instead, you may be experiencing pain caused by a blocked sinus. For this reason, it […]

Feeling the seasonal blues? No need to worry, because we have made a list of spring photos that will make you smile even on a bad day. This beautiful tree in bloom… Just one look at this photo will make you appreciative of the natural beauty that surrounds us. No man can ever outdo what […]

You might be wondering – what is the color of healthy gums? Actually, believe it or not, the color of your gums can tell us a lot about your overall health. We are familiar with the scenario of gums being something that’s overlooked until there’s a real issue at hand. Whether the problem lies in […]

You’re eating and suddenly you either feel or notice later a piece of food stuck in your gums. This is often a common occurrence, especially with meat, popcorn, chips, and fruit. Normally, this does not need to be a cause for concern because you can easily rinse the lodged particles away with water or mouthwash. […]

The new year often inspires goals related to diet and fitness, but another important component of a healthier lifestyle is maintaining good oral health. In fact, a healthy smile is usually indicative of a healthy body as well. We’re about a month into the new year, and this is generally the time when people begin […]

Are you looking for some great snacks that are going to be, not only tasty but healthy for your teeth as well? You’re in the right place because we have put together a list of best food for your teeth. So, what do you think of our suggestions? Do you have any? If you like […]

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