Homemade Toothpaste Without Baking Soda

Are you looking to make a homemade toothpaste without baking soda? This toothpaste recipe is super easy and involves only three ingredients.

As we know that some of you folks out there like to do things their own way, we made sure to get you covered as well. While we tend to encourage the use of the name-brand toothpaste, we can’t ignore the fact that some people out there like to make their own stuff and live a “zero-waste” lifestyle. Which, of course, is absolutely commendable. As we take care of our dental health and oral hygiene, we also need to think about the future of the planet and take good care of it.

So, without further ado, here’s a very simple homemade toothpaste recipe that doesn’t involve baking soda (for those of you that don’t tend to like it).

Three ingredients that you are going to need are:

  1. 2 tablespoons of Coconut Oil;
  2. 1 tablespoon of Xylitol;
  3. A few drops of Peppermint Oil.

Make sure to select all organic ingredients. As you’re doing this yourself, it’s quite important that all of the ingredients are of the best quality. Make sure that the coconut oil is of hand-pressed organic kind, that Xylitol is non-GMO birch-sourced and that the peppermint oil is organic as well.

What you’re going to do:

Is super easy actually. Just warm the coconut oil very slightly, add Xylitol and peppermint oil to it and mix until combined. Get a glass jar with a lid and transfer your toothpaste and you’re all set. Now you have an all-natural toothpaste and you’ve officially joined the “zero-waste” movement.