Millennials and Oral Hygiene

Millennials and oral hygiene somehow don’t happen to go hand in hand. According to a New York Post article, Millennials are terrible when it comes to their overall dental health. Somehow, they find it hard to keep their teeth clean. Some can even go two days – TWO DAYS, without brushing their teeth. Now image all the bacterial acid residue doing a number on your teeth. The study found that three in ten of the Millennials only brush their teeth once a day.

However, despite all of the horrifying statistics and poor oral hygiene, the Millennials seem to be concerned about losing their teeth. Over half of those polled admitted this. However, this fear doesn’t do much, because about a quarter of those polled (22%), are still reluctant to go to the dentist simply because they hate the taste of the products used.

Additionally, six in ten Americans admit that they are actually afraid of the dentist, with Millennials being more likely to be afraid of the dentist than any other group polled. What’s even more unusual is that more people would be more afraid to go to their dental appointment (62%), than to neurologist (9%) and surgeon (26%). Now, how interesting is that?

Some people would rather face their fear of public speaking than go to their dental appointment. Come on, now!

To quote the article:

“The scariest thing people associate with the dentist is the fear of painful treatment (74 percent), fear of pain after treatment (47 percent) and noise of the dental drill (34 percent), followed by negative past experiences (29 percent) and worry that the anaesthetic won’t work (25 percent).”

And finally, only 23% of respondents over 55 are comfortable going to the dentist, while only 27% of Millennials are willing to do the same.

What do you think of this poll? Do you think it’s something that you’ve witnessed? Let us know! 🙂