Halloween Candy and Tooth Decay

Halloween candy and tooth decay go hand in hand. Always have, always will. However, not everything’s lost. Kids can still enjoy their Halloween candy, as long as parents take all precautionary measures needed to prevent potential dental trouble. Let’s be honest, cavities are much scarier than “A Nightmare on Elm Street.”

So, candy and the high dose of sugar and starch in it, poses a threat in form of a tooth decay, especially if it’s consumed for a prolonged period of time as a snack. Bacterial acid attacks the tooth mineral, which eventually creates cavities. Kids who consume both candy and sugary drinks are especially at risk when it comes to cavities. The wise thing to do would be letting your little ones indulge in candy at mealtime, instead of as a snack.

Another option would be choosing the right treats. Believe it or not, some stickier food cleans out of the mouth faster than less sticky food. For example, caramel would dissolve faster than crackers, cereal, potato chips etc. This allows for a shorter acid attack on your kid’s teeth.

Next advice would be – let your kid have the snacks right after trick-or-treating and throw out the rest. This option might be crueler and might make your kid crave the sweets so much more. Take this into consideration, as well as your kid’s feelings. Diet is one thing, good memories second and good dental health another.

Slowly start switching out sugary treats for more healthy options, such as cheese, yogurt, veggies, peanut butter, etc.

Of course, the most important step would be to teach your kid a proper oral hygiene in form of proper flossing and brushing. Fluoride toothpaste and regular dental check-ups are definitely mandatory, that way, no sugary treat will be a threat.