Horror Movies About Teeth

Even though showing off your teeth usually comes with a positive connotation, it also can be much scarier than you think. So scary that actually there are so many horror movies about teeth out there. What makes teeth so scary? Are we scared of losing them or are we scared of not knowing what comes after others show us their teeth? People often dream of losing their teeth which is supposed to symbolize death. This, in fact, makes a perfect scenario for a horror movie.


One that many of us know about is the 80s classic “Jaws.” Even though it’s not much about humans”, Jaws” reflects on the terrifying fear of getting trapped in a monster’s jaw with no way out and getting devoured, becoming the shark’s dinner. Sharks are not as scary as when they open their mouths and show their teeth, because it foreshadows what is about to happen. When we envision being victims of a shark, we always envision the teeth digging into our flesh and the pain that comes with it.As humans, we are not used to being prayed on, but in the presence of a shark, we no longer have our power as humans. We are simply a food source in our complicated food chain.


Another movie that takes teeth in a completely different direction is the “Tooth Fairy.” This movie takes something that is so innocent as children hoping for rewards after leaving their tooth for a magical fairy and turns it into a terrifying nightmare. The tooth fairy is represented as an evil force which murders children and takes their teeth. This movie is not only terrifying for children, but also for us adults. Losing our teeth as children was terrifying enough, but the idea of something that is a part of us being taken away is bone chilling. Our teeth are a huge part of us and something that makes our lives the way they are. Having that compromised is what is the most terrifying.


Another film that takes the idea of teeth to another level is 1996s “The Dentist.” This film is may be the scariest of all as it is very realistic. After he finds his wife cheating, the dentist loses his mind and becomes a malicious character. He uses his practice as a dentist to murder and abuse his patients as an outlet for his frustration. He has power over his patients as they are hopeless relying on him and giving him their trust. This is in fact why most of us are scared of the dentist. We are all giving our trust to the dentist and are completely losing control over ourselves. This movie plays on that fear and that’s why it is so scary for the viewers.

So what makes teeth so scary for us? Teeth are a part of us and having a part of us taken away or compromised is very scary. Teeth allow us to eat and smile with confidence, but having that control over what we do with our teeth is what separates us from animals. Although we use our teeth for positive purposes, they can also be misused and knowing that that could happen is what terrifies all of us.