Nail Biting Causes

Nail biting is a form of stress-relief for a lot of children and adults. However, this habit is everything but healthy. While nail biting might relieve the stress, it definitely wreaks havoc on your nails, teeth and overall dental health. Interesting fact about nail biting habit is that many people with this problem might not even notice that they have it unless it’s pointed out to them. That’s how unconscious this habit is. So what are some nail-biting causes and what can happen to your teeth as a result?

Why Do We Do It?

Some people bite nails to keep them short. Some bite their cuticles and skin thus creating a condition known as onychophagia. Yet, it is unclear why exactly. It is believed that this is a coping mechanism at times of great distress, remaining from our time as primates. It’s a rather instinctual primal thing to us. While some people bite their skin, the others have a tendency to pluck their hair. This condition is known as trichotillomania.

How Does It Affect Your Teeth?

Nail-biting is especially harmful to your teeth. By doing this you can easily deform the sockets of your teeth roots, thus making your teeth crooked. Additionally, you can chip your teeth and create fractures & gingivitis.

What To Do?

Luckily, there are many things you can do to get rid of this habit. One of the ways to achieve this is by using a physical obstacle in form of a bitter clear nail polish or a BandAid. Have people call you out every time you go for that bite. It’s nice to have a emotional and moral support when you’re trying to rid of a habit. Make sure you find a replacement for those fidgety fingers in form of a fidget spinner or a stress ball. Just keep your hand and mouth occupied. Chew a gum. Get involved in more activities to take your mind off nail-biting.