How to Keep Teeth Healthy Naturally

Did you ever want to learn how to keep teeth healthy naturally? If yes, then you’re in the right place. Now, let us remind you that any nutrition or lifestyle changes should not substitute your dentist appointments. It is still important to schedule regular check-ups and make sure that you’re on the right path. With that said, here are some tips on how to keep teeth healthy naturally, so that you can prevent some serious dental problems.

Nutrition. You are what you eat!

In order to have a better dental health, there needs to be a change in your diet. It is very important to cut on foods that contain phytic acids, such as grains, beans, and nuts. Cut on natural sugars, such as fruit and starchy vegetables and incorporate more mineral-rich vegetables. Add more healthy fats to your diet, such as coconut oil. And one Wellness Mama writer even suggests eating a lot of homemade bone broth for its minerals.

At-Home Cleaning for a Perfect Oral Health.

Some beverages and herbal substances might be exactly what you need to clean teeth well at home. For example, did you know that green tea can prevent teeth erosion, tooth decay and keep your gums healthy? Incredible right? Baking soda is perfect for tooth decay and peroxide is perfect for killing bacteria. Just don’t forget to dilute the peroxide with water. Oils like eucalyptus, menthol and tea tree are perfect for inflamed gums. Even Xylitol, a substitute for sugar can help limit tooth decay. Finally, the infamous and much-needed Vitamin D! Vitamin D helps to kill bacteria in your body and not having enough of it makes it more likely for you to get a gum disease.

Dental Appointments!

And finally, don’t forget to make regular appointments with your dentist who can give you additional tips and suggested changes so that your oral health changes for the better.