Bonded Fillings in NYC

Looking for bonded fillings in NYC? Dental Partners of Fifth Avenue have got you covered. But before we go on, let’s go over what bonded fillings actually are and when you might need them? If you have chipped or stained teeth you might want to try bonded fillings. But in many instances, people decide to opt for bonded fillings when trying to cover up other imperfections, such as gaps or previous silver fillings. (If you love your tooth gap, rock it and consider it your signature look like some models do, then go ahead and keep on rocking friend!) In case you’re unhappy with the look, definitely, pay your dentist a visit. It’s quick and cost-effective.


First, a safe, putty-like bonding material is applied in layers with different color combinations. These layers are then hardened with light and shaped using polishing discs. Dental bonding is perfect for a small cosmetic dental procedure. The whole procedure can be done in 30-60 mins/tooth.


Dental bonding is much cheaper than getting veneers, however, the lower investment does offer very different results. Problem with bonded fillings lies in the fact that the materials used are weaker, less translucent and don’t last as long as porcelain veneers. They are nonetheless a great option for people with limited budgets, or who want only minimal changes to a few teeth.

There are some downsides when it comes to dental bonding. For example, the dental bonding material can stain, which is terrible news if you really like to drink coffee, wine or tea. Especially if you smoke. It is advised that you should avoid these particular substances 24-48 hours after bonding has been performed. Another downside is that bonded fillings are less durable than porcelain veneers. However, with proper dental care, bonded fillings can last up to 3-7 years.