Common Dental Problems In Adults

As we’re aging and changing the nature of our dental problems changes as well. Being an adult is not easy to begin with, yet on top of all the responsibilities we have – we are also obliged to look after our oral health. More often than not, while carried away by work and daily errands, we tend to neglect our mouth and take our teeth for granted. We keep ignoring the minor problems we experience. All is well until the minor issues become major, resulting in some of these common dental problems in adults…

Oh, My! Gingivitis!

You might suffer from gingivitis. The symptoms include red, swollen and sensitive gums that bleed when you brush. But this might not be the only problem. Actually, this gum disease can have an impact on your overall health. The studies have found the connection between periodontitis and other diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and premature births.

Those Sneaky Cavities!

Especially cavities around fillings can become more common with age. To prevent this – make sure you floss regularly and brush your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste. Also – don’t forget to make an appointment with your dentist.

What About Sensitivity? Ouch!

Sensitivity might become a problem with age. As gums recede they reveal the part of the tooth that is not protected by enamel. This, in turn, creates a discomfort when consuming hot or cold food or beverage. Believe it or not – you might experience discomfort even from the cold air! If you have a problem with sensitivity, try anti-sensitivity toothpaste. If this doesn’t help – visit your dentist, because the problem might be of different nature. You might have a cavity or a cracked tooth!

Proper dental care is a crucial step in the prevention when it comes to these dental problems. However, proper nutrition plays an important role as well. So pay attention. A well-balanced diet will give your teeth and gums the important nutrients they need. Of course, don’t let the problems escalate and make sure you schedule regular checkups with your dentist.