Having an A-list smile is a tough and expensive task to achieve. However, if you want to achieve this, there is a way to make your teeth appear brighter, without the need for expensive products or procedures. Luckily, if you like to wear lipstick, there’s a great beauty hack you need to know about. Did you know that certain lipstick shades can make your teeth appear whiter? It’s true, and the reverse of that is also true. Certain shades of color can make your teeth appear yellow.

Lipstick Teeth Tips

If you want to give off the illusion of whiter teeth, learn more about which shades of lipstick helps “whiten” teeth by checking out these helpful lipstick teeth tips.

• If you put on two coats of an opaque, pure red, you can help brighten the appearance of your smile.
• If you are planning on wearing red lipstick, stay away from reds that have an orange undertone. This will only make your teeth appear yellow, so instead aim for reds that have a blue or purple undertone.
• Do you have darker skin? If so, wearing burgundy shades that have a blue or purple undertone is an excellent way to give off the illusion of whiter teeth.
• If brown shades are your thing, aim for shades that have a purple or blue undertone.
• If you are looking for a good neutral shade, use mauve to help your smile appear whiter and brighter.
• Stay away from nude shades, instead aim for a sheer pink that can help show off the whiteness of your teeth.
• Shimmer shades can help distract the eye and give off the appearance of sparkling teeth. Bonus points if you use a shimmer over a shade that has orange or yellow undertones.
• Do not use pink and peach shades that are orange-based. Instead, use shades that have a blue or purple undertone.
• If you are not in the mood for pink or red but want something in between, go for berry tones. Berry tones offset yellow teeth very nicely.