BBQ Cookout Dental Tips

Summer is here, and with the Fourth of July now past us, the summer BBQ season has officially begun. Having a BBQ cookout is one of the great American traditions that many look forward to each summer, and who can blame them? There is nothing better than enjoying the beautiful weather outdoors with family and friends over delicious food. However, more often than not cookouts are filled with tempting treats that not only take a toll on your body, but also on your mouth. The sweetened refreshments, the delicious desserts, and the savory BBQ sauces are the typical culprits that can spell disaster for your smile.

While we all love and enjoy a good ole’ fashion American BBQ cookout or picnic, not everyone makes the healthiest of decisions. If you want your next cookout to be guilt-free and teeth-friendly, check out our BBQ cookout dental tips so your summer can be full of fun and good oral health.

1. We know it can be hard to resist the temptation at summer cookouts, but these temptations can spell trouble for your mouth and body. It is important to practice moderation when it comes to the following foods: deep fried foods, spicy chili, greasy and fatty burgers, and anything that is filled with artificial sugar and/or is heavily processed. Your mouth and your stomach will thank you for it.

2. Instead of reaching for the processed foods, stick with the available vegetable and fruit-based options that are present. They are healthier and can help cleanse the mouth by dislodging food that is stuck in your teeth. Cheese is another great option, as it can help guard against the acids that are found in other foods. Plus cheese is loaded with calcium, which is great for your teeth and bones!

3. Many may not realize this, but condiments are usually packed full of sugar and can be just as dangerous to your smile. Instead of packing on the BBQ sauce or the ketchup, use other available delicious foods as a condiment instead. You can flavor your hamburger, hot dog, or sandwich with pickles, cheese, peppers, carrots, cucumbers, mushrooms, onions, or even tomatoes.

4. Instead of having a greasy, fatty hamburger as your protein, eat some delicious charcoal-grilled fish instead! The oils that are present in fish have anti-inflammatory properties, which can help fight against bacteria and inflammation in the body. Plus, when you indulge in fish you are less likely to get the meat stuck in between your teeth, so you don’t have to feel so self-conscious about your teeth.

5. Try to avoid soda and any other brightly colored, sugar-filled drinks at all costs. Do your teeth the favor and stick to ice tea that is sugar-free or water. Water is always an excellent choice, especially after you eat something sugary and sweet, as it can help wash away any remaining particles off your teeth. Water is also refreshing, is good for your health, and poses no danger to your smile.

6. Make sure you bring along a toothbrush and dental floss, so this way you can keep your mouth clean after you eat. Just wait a half an hour after eating before you brush your teeth. However, if bringing along a toothbrush and toothpaste is too much, make sure to carry along some dental floss with you. Even flossing alone can be very helpful in keeping your smile fresh and clean.