Throughout the years, the scientific evidence regarding the healthfulness of the Mediterranean Diet has continued to grow. A recent study that was released by the New England Journal of Medicine discovered that an estimated 30 percent of the deaths associated with strokes, heart attacks and heart disease can be prevented by switching to the Mediterranean diet. But that’s not all, adhering to this diet has also been shown to have many positive oral health benefits. The foods that make up the Mediterranean diet are linked to healthier, stronger teeth and have also been found to reduce the risk of gum and dental disease. Another study that was published in the British Journal of Cancer back in 2014 revealed the link between the Mediterranean diet and oral health, as it showed that the Mediterranean diet also significantly lowers the risk of developing mouth cancer.

Mediterranean Diet and Oral Health

Luckily, the foods that make up this diet are very simple and easy to obtain. The foods that make up the Mediterranean diet include:

• Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
• Fish
• Nuts and Seeds
• Whole Grains
• Beans
• Olive Oil

For those who follow this diet also limit or cut out their consumption of refined grains and processed foods, alcohol, fast food, red meat, and sugary beverages. The benefits of this diet go past its benefits for the mouth, as this diet is not only good for the health of your mouth, but it will also benefit your whole body. The Mediterranean diet has been shown to:

• Help fight certain cancers
• Improve eye health
• Improve brain function
• Lower blood pressure
• Helps with weight loss
• Improves cardiovascular health
• Lowers cholesterol
• Protection from diabetes
• Lengthens one’s life
• Fights depression

May is National Mediterranean Diet Awareness month, so use this month to get on board with an ancient diet that can help ensure that your teeth and mouth remain healthy and strong!