red-wineIt lowers cholesterol, promotes cardiovascular health, and is fantastic for curing a bad week at work. Red wine improves just about every aspect of life. Now, a new study suggests that our teeth too, may benefit from moderate red wine consumption. The researchers of this study explain that our teeth are “non-shedding surfaces,” making it possible for microorganisms to co-exist in our mouths and adhere to our teeth for longer periods of time. As a result, this can lead to the formation of unwanted biofilms and plaque.

The researchers performed an experiment using a biofilm model of a dental plaque integrating five species of bacteria associated with oral disease. They found that red wine – both with and without alcohol – and the combined wine and grape seed extract were most effective at fighting the bacteria. In their conclusion, they wrote “These findings contribute to existing knowledge about the beneficial effects of red wines (one of the most important products of agriculture and food industries) on human health. Moreover, the promising results concerning grape seed extract, which showed the highest antimicrobial activity, open promising ways toward a natural ingredient in the formulation of oral care products specifically indicated for the prevention of caries, due to its antimicrobial properties.”

So there ya have it. Red wine for the win. Cheers!