Shark Teeth FactsThe Syfy channel’s Sharknado has become one of the most talked about made-for-TV films of the year. It’s about a freak hurricane that hits the Los Angeles area, causing man-eating sharks to get scooped up in water spouts… flooding the city with shark-infested seawater. One of the most terrifying characteristics about sharks is their sharp, pointy teeth. In fact, when you hear the word shark… doesn’t it make you think of Steven Spielberg’s film Jaws? Here’s some food for thought… sharks can’t get cavities. These sea creatures obviously don’t have access to toothpaste. However, their teeth seem to be coated in fluoride. According to a study published last year in the Journal of Structural Biology… two species of sharks, the mako and tiger, feature teeth whose outer coatings contain 100% fluoride. These two species were chosen for the research because they feed in unique ways. The makos rip flesh off their prey in a messy kind of way… while tiger sharks slice through their meals neatly with their chompers.

Don’t you wish human teeth were coated in fluoride? It would certainly make visits to the dentist easier because we wouldn’t have to deal with things like cavities and tooth decay, among other concerns. The Dental Partners of 5th Avenue provides a variety of family dental services focusing on preventive care, from fluoride treatment to sealants and preventive and nonsurgical periodontics, so you have as few dental problems as sharks do. Contact us for information on family dentistry, as well as dental implants and more.