Ancient TeethDid you know that our teeth leave behind a record of what we ate for dinner millions of years ago? According to a recent article featured in the scientific journal Plos One… our teeth have evolved. A scientist analyzed a collection of 15 ancient teeth found in Indonesia. The teeth date from the mid-Pleistocene period, from half a million to more than a million years ago.

By studying the physical characteristics of each tooth, including the grooves and cusps, as well as the patterns of wear and tear… researchers have actually figured out what our ancestors ate. For instance… flat molars were for grinding plants, and sharp incisors were for tearing the flesh. To adapt to the changing prehistoric menu choices, over the years incisors and molars have changed shape. The study is also a reminder of what remains after we’re gone: bones and teeth. So please take care of your teeth… and make an appointment with the Dental Partners of 5th Avenue for a regular checkup. Contact us today!