With the NHL and NBA seasons coming to a close, sports fans around the country can’t help but dream about watching weekend after weekend of professional football. Tailgating aside, much excitement will likely circle around this year’s rookie players. On the top of that list would be the #1 and #2 overall draft picks for 2012, Andrew Luck of Stanford University and Robert Griffin III of Baylor University, respectively. Having each lead their college teams to greatness and now beginning new careers as quarterbacks for two top football franchises, these boys have plenty to smile about. But let’s not forget another factor contributing to their pre-season glow: dental hygiene!

You don’t have to cradle the ‘ol pigskin in your arms or wear heavy protective padding to be the Quarterback of your own health—we’re talking about taking care of your teeth and gums and there is no time like the present to step up your dental care game just like the pros. Whether they be cavities or low gum pocket density, we’ve all experienced “fumbles” along the way, but that doesn’t mean we should be discouraged. While Luck and Griffin III rack up their completions and passing yards per game, you, too, can improve your personal stats by committing to regular check-ups, cleaning, flossing, and avoiding foods and drinks that put your teeth on the sidelines. You’ll be amazed at what adding a few minutes a day to your dental routine can impact your overall health, just as spending extra time in the gym benefits professional athletes.

As stellar QB’s Luck and Griffin work hard this pre-season to represent the Indianapolis Colts and the Washington Redskins come Fall, you can dedicate yourself to your dental health and be ready for that first snap as well. If keeping a log of milestones helps you stay motivated and on track don’t hesitate to ask your coach—er, your dentist, for a personalized plan to set those goals. That way, as your favorite NFL team is celebrating a touchdown, your mouth will be celebrating a winning smile.