It’s not always easy to determine whether you’ve found a good dentist. Here are some guidelines that can help you reach a decision:

  • Review credentials: Call the dentist’s office to inquire or review their website to get an idea of the dentist’s credentials. You can also ask about specialized training and experience. Recent postgraduate work, for example, is a good indication that a dentist is keeping up with the latest advances in the field.
  • Evaluate chairside manner: You have a right to expect a reasonable degree of courtesy, patience, and above all, concern for you as an individual patient. Your dentist should be reasonably prompt, take the time to examine you thoroughly, listen to your needs and keep you fully informed about any diagnosis or treatment.
  • Evaluate the dental staff: Dental assistants, hygienists, receptionists and others should be courteous, attentive and professional. You should also be able to reach the office outside regular office hours, and know whom to call in an emergency.
  • Understand the fee structure: You shouldn’t hesitate to ask about your dentist’s fee structure and know how and when you’re expected to pay your bills.

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